Kagetec provides chemical resistant, hygienic, industrial flooring systems consisting of slip resistant ceramic tile and integrated stainless steel drains.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Let Kagetec help you with one of the most critical areas of your facility.

Kagetec BS: Ideal for dairies, breweries and food processing factories.

Kagetec AR: Ideal for areas where heavy machinery and chemicals are used.

Kagetec GFK: Ideal for high stress areas in food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries especially those subject to extreme temperatures.

Kagetec AS: Ideal for use in industries where build up of static electricity must be avoided such as pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

Drainage Systems: The Kagetec stainless steel components and drainage solutions are specially designed for industrail needs and hygienic demands.

Wall Protection Barriers: Kagetec has been testing ramming protection solutions in several business fields for many years. With the high flexibility of our solutions even the most difficult problems ca be solved. Kagetec will develop with you an individual solution for your ramming protection requirements at an affordable price.